Thursday, February 5, 2015


Hey everyone!!!! 

I know I've been MIA for quite a while, 2 years to be exact, lol. But, IM SORRY! I've been soooo busy. I know, you heard it all before. No, but really, I have. God has taken me to exciting new measures and have allowed me to experience other qualities I didn't even know I had in myself! This time has also given me the opportunity to really sit back and think about my purpose in life. One aspect of life that has continuously drawn my attention is RELATIONSHIPS, especially the ones portrayed as "happy and content" on social media. 

So many people are just settling in relationships because they don't have the strength to move on and start something all over from scratch with someone else, or even the fact that they do not want to seem as a failure to others as giving up on their relationships, or my favorite, THEY BELIEVE THAT THEY MUST BE LOYAL SO THEY STICK AROUND EVEN THOUGH THEY AREN'T HAPPY. I know you're thinking, "Where is all of this coming from and why are you even talking about this on a fashion blog? Get to the pictures already!" LOL. I will. But being that I dedicated this blog to beauty, LOVE and fashion, I decided to spend more time discussing LOVE on my blog. I'll end it here with this one thought until next time.

 Stop thinking you have to stay with someone because you do not want to end up alone and bitter or you're being loyal and sticking it through the rough times. Yes, time heals all wounds, but if you have gotten to a place where you are miserable and completely unhappy, just walk away. The more time you spend in this unhappy relationship, the more you begin to lose yourself. Everything around you will start to be viewed in a negative view and soon you will start to bestow upon others only negativity. If the problem is you (meaning sometimes when we are not happy with ourselves or situations, we take it out on others close to us), take some time for yourself to clear your head. Being the spiritual person that I am, always remember that God has a plan for each and every one for us. Some people are meant to stay in our life, which God will reveal to you through prayer and supplication with Him, and some are just passing through. 

I like to believe that our PROBLEMS are really our BLESSINGS if we use them to grow STRONGER! 

Have a blessed day people! 

What I'm Wearing:
Leather Jacket: Forever21
Shirt & Jeans: H&M
Hat: Forever 21
Shoes: Steve Madden
Bag: Givenchy Rottweiler Antigona Large Leather Shopping Tote

Dinesha D.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

LOVE SEGMENT... #BlackandKillingit

Sooo today, pertaining to the love part of my blog, I'm going to dedicate my blog to my cousin Ama Owusuwa ( ). Just want to say how proud I am of her!!! She graduated with a Doctorate's in Physical Therapy ("DPT") at the age of 26!!!! Talk about #BlackandlKillingIt!!!!!! LOL She is the one who secretly inspired me to get my DPT, instead of just settling with becoming a Physical Therapy Assistant ("PTA"). Beauty and brains is hard to find, but I guess it runs the family lol!!! I LOVE YOU GIRL!!!!! 

When we were younger and my mom used to dress us up in all those colorful jumpsuits and matching outfits, who would've thought we were gonna grow up to have such a passion for fashion. 
A night out with her friends from MD...

xoxo Dinesha