Wednesday, December 21, 2011

LOVE SEGMENT... #BlackandKillingit

Sooo today, pertaining to the love part of my blog, I'm going to dedicate my blog to my cousin Ama Owusuwa ( ). Just want to say how proud I am of her!!! She graduated with a Doctorate's in Physical Therapy ("DPT") at the age of 26!!!! Talk about #BlackandlKillingIt!!!!!! LOL She is the one who secretly inspired me to get my DPT, instead of just settling with becoming a Physical Therapy Assistant ("PTA"). Beauty and brains is hard to find, but I guess it runs the family lol!!! I LOVE YOU GIRL!!!!! 

When we were younger and my mom used to dress us up in all those colorful jumpsuits and matching outfits, who would've thought we were gonna grow up to have such a passion for fashion. 
A night out with her friends from MD...

xoxo Dinesha

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  1. Neil from BGKI it here, congrats to your cousin and I smiled at the #blackandkillingit hashtag #teamBGKI!!! :)